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“When Rebecca visited my home to conduct a Home Health Audit, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve always been very conscious of what I put into my body, as a Nutritional Therapist. I also felt I was quite good at reducing my overall exposure to toxins at home.

Rebecca really opened my eyes to the sheer volume of products, storage containers, and home luxuries that we all use on a day-to-day basis. She’s extremely knowledgeable about how to discern if something may be harmful to our body. I was aware of some of her points but I needed reminding of them (accountability is so important when you make a change!). Others were completely new to me.

Rebecca offered many practical solutions to help me reduce my environmental toxic load. She followed up swiftly and thoroughly and answered all of my questions. If you’re not sure how ‘toxic’ your home is, I highly recommend booking a Home Health Audit at Chronically Well Club.”

Sophie Ash

“Recently being diagnosed with MS, feeling lost, confused and unsure about what was happening to me, fate brought me to Rebecca. Suffering from MS herself from such a young age, she was able to answer many of my questions and ease a lot of my anxiety.

She helped me understand that the things I use and put in my body can actually be very toxic. Herpassion and guidance really encouraged me to get better. She was kind enough to share her resourceswith me and patient enough to go through it and deal with my many questions.

She is an inspiration and living proof that a positive attitude goes a long way! Thank you Rebecca!”

Sameera Kay

“As my dad also suffers from MS (Multiple Sclerosis), I have been following Rebecca’s natural health and wellness journey closely. I have witnessed her progress through handling her lifestyle and using her philosophy to keep her disease from progressing and giving her relief without medication.

Recently, she has offered invaluable support, encouragement and resources to my whole family. I feel sure that anyone working with Rebecca as their mentor will be inspired by her determination, positivity and very specific expertise.”

Lisa Longo

“Rebecca is incredibly committed to her clients.  She presented me with several tools and approaches to manage my autoimmune condition.

She delivered exactly what I needed and wanted – health, food protocol and mindset management.

Rebecca is an amazing educator because she’s been through it herself. Her examples are real and she has a wonderful way of explaining complex concepts in “layman’s terms”.

I highly recommend Rebecca as you navigate the health system to restore your health.”

Lucy Sinicropi

“I have had the privilege of knowing Rebecca for the past six years; she has become both a trusted friend and confidante.

I have been witness to Rebecca’s courage and perseverance as she continues her journey to coexist with her MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Being a 20yr survivor of this chronic autoimmune disorder, Rebecca has put in the work. From researching topics such as the makeup of autoimmune disorders, to mental health maintenance, to nutrition and overall wellness, Rebecca is uniquely qualified to offer coaching, insight and support to anyone who is either trying to manage or supporting someone who is trying to manage a diagnosed health condition. Not to mention that her background as an educator lends greatly to her approach.

Truth be told, one does not necessarily have to be dealing with a diagnose condition in order to benefit from sit downs with Rebecca. Guess I can say that not only am I a friend but I’m also a client.”

Wycliffe Golbourne


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